1. Electric cars displayed at 96th European Motor Show in Brussels2018-01-19
  2. Chinese carmaker ditches Trumpchi model name to avoid Trump link2018-01-18
  3. 5G phones could debut in late 20192018-01-18
  4. China becomes global bellwether in technology-infused education2018-01-18
  5. Get onboard, ready to be amazed by "Yungui"2018-01-18
  1. Predicting large quakes by moon phases untenable: study2018-01-17
  2. China supports development of new energy intelligent cars2018-01-15
  3. U.S. gov't grant to help unlock embryonic secrets2018-01-13
  4. Warmer oceans causing commercial fish shortage: Australian study2018-01-12
  5. Secrets of largest volcanic eruption in ocean uncovered in world's 1st study2018-01-12
  1. Chinese, French institutions strengthen cooperation in AI2018-01-12
  2. EFSA revises safe intake for 3-MCPD in vegetable oils, food2018-01-12
  3. Frozen embryos as good as fresh ones in many IVF pregnancies: study2018-01-12
  4. Driverless monorail line launched in NW China2018-01-12
  5. "Dragon bed" restored in southwest China2018-01-10
  1. Xuelong leaves Zhongshan station after goods unloading2018-01-09
  2. Immune response to Zika virus can also harm fetuses: study2018-01-08
  3. America's "most experienced astronaut" dies: NASA2018-01-08
  4. Chemical bans proved to have helped close ozone hole2018-01-06
  5. Tuberculosis drugs work better with vitamin C: U.S. study2018-01-05
  1. First gene therapy for blindness gets 850,000-USD price tag in U.S.2018-01-05
  2. U.S. Fed minutes show officials divided over pace of rate hikes in 20182018-01-05
  3. Intel confirms report of potential security flaw in its Chips2018-01-05
  4. Australian surgeons find toothpick in woman with severe gut pain2018-01-03
  5. High-protein breakfast key to weight loss: Australian study2018-01-03
  1. Some 386,000 babies born worldwide on New Year's Day, says UNICEF2018-01-02
  2. Granary ruins dating back to 800 years ago found in northeast China2018-01-02
  3. New study warns of drier world in wake of continued global warming2018-01-02
  4. 36 U.S. states reporting widespread flu: CDC2018-01-02
  5. Yearender: Silicon Valley keeps trends as Artificial Intelligence goes mainstream in 20172018-01-02
  1. Passengers use mobile payment to take subway in NW China's Shaanxi2018-01-02
  2. Beijing launches three rail lines2017-12-31
  3. Passenger throughput of Zhuhai airport breaks through 9 mln in 20172017-12-30
  4. 4 new subway lines open in Guangzhou2017-12-29
  5. Innovation and entrepreneurship fair held in Southeast University2017-12-29
  1. Annual exhibition on technology innovation held in Beijing2017-12-29
  2. Chinese start-up tests rocket engine2017-12-28
  3. Shijiazhuang-Jinan high-speed railway put into use2017-12-28
  4. Beijing starts using exclusive license plates for new energy vehicles2017-12-28
  5. Southern Chinese city makes all buses electric2017-12-28
  1. Robot arms used in logistics company in Wuhan, central China2017-12-28
  2. No tickets needed for Hangzhou subway2017-12-28
  3. New train diagram to be put into operation in China2017-12-28
  4. Robot dances during concert for upcoming new year in S China2017-12-28
  5. BeiDou helps rescue over 10,000 fishermen in 5 years: spokesperson2017-12-27
  1. Rare carp stocks grow in China's largest salt lake2017-12-27
  2. Robot arms used in logistics company in Wuhan, central China2017-12-27
  3. Robot arms used in logistics company in Wuhan, central China2017-12-27
  4. Smart tourism highways set in Nanchang, east China's Jiangxi2017-12-27
  5. China's icebreaker Xuelong continues Antarctic expedition2017-12-27
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